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In 1973, at the age of 20, I was hired as a Painting Apprentice, and began working and living on Fire Island, NY. That began a lifelong love of painting, both houses and art.

I met my wife, Denise, at Mike the Greek's restaurant in Ocean Beach (Fire Island’s main town) in 1977. We had a son, Robin, in 1981. In 1983, we built a cabin in Hawaii where our daughter, Astrid, was born. It was the perfect set up — I worked seven spring/summer months on Fire island; and we spent our winters in Hawaii until 1988. Eventually we lived full time in Hawaii until 1995, when we sold our house, and moved back to Fire Island in 1996, buying a house in Ocean Bay Park 1998. I quickly expanded my client list to include customers in Kismet, Saltaire, Fair Harbor, Atlantique, Robbins Rest, Ocean Beach, Seaview, Ocean Bay Park, Point ‘O Woods, Cherry Grove, and Fire Island Pines. But the cold, dark winters of Fire Island took their toll, and so we sold our FI house and moved back to Hawaii in 2003, where I painted many exclusive homes. 

In 2009, we sold the Hawaii home and returned to Fire Island. We also bought a coastal house near Sunset Beach, North Carolina in 2013. So currently we live and work on Fire Island in the spring and fall; and North Carolina in summer and winter. I have traveled to paint for previous customers in the off-season in various locations, including Big Island Hawaii; Telluride, Colorado; and Biddeford Pools, Maine. 


My wife Denise a Realtor; daughter Astrid owns Touch of Aloha Massage Spa in Myrtle Beach, S.C; son Robin is a professional lifeguard at Hapuna Beach, Hawaii. We have four grandchildren.

I am currently a five-handicap USGA golfer, a three-time winner of the Waikoloa Open Amateur Senior Championship, a member at Thistle Golf Club in Sunset Beach, N.C., and have earned the nickname “Birdie Bob” (which is how many of my clients now refer to me). 

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