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Bob the Fire Island housepainter

 Painting Oceanfront Homes Inspires Me

The flow of the brush, the colors, working outdoors, the interesting personalities and challenge to please them. These factors, combined with the intoxicating environment of exoctic beach communities and the strict task of doing hard physical labor is the perfect occupational lifestyle for me. I have met the most interesting people in the first two and longest places we have lived, Fire Island and The Big Island of Hawaii. 

I have painted many oceanfront houses, including lots of jobs for realtors, both listings and their personal homes. I especially like interior painting, as it can be done in any weather. I have dozens of references and can easily say I have done over 1000 paint jobs in the last 40 years. All I do is PAINT, interior or exterior.

Professional Quality 

I have had as many as five men in a crew, but decided in 2003 to go solo. This assures quality and reliability. I do one job at a time until completed. I return phone calls. I do everything by hand, no spraying. I use Benjamin Moore Paints and Stains, or Sherwin Williams occasionally. Most of the jobs I do are for repeat customers, or referrals by them.


I sometimes work seven days a week, ten hours a day on average. I take reservations up to 6 months in advance. I send pictures and progress reports to homeowners. I try to keep the cost reasonable and can work with my customers to maximize their budget. I always show up when I say I will, and have no distractions when I am given a job to do. 


Personal Care

I do my own power washing prior when finishing exteriors. This removes loose paint, chalking colors, mold and mildew, etc. Sanding, caulking, spackling, and priming are important to ensure a good finish coat. I take great care to make sure the preparation is done right, so that the final painting looks great, helps protect, and lasts. Many customers have stated I am the most reliable contractor they have ever worked with.

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